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Buy a House For Investment?

I was asked "I bought my first home to live in, should I buy a second one for investment?" While there are many different aspects to this question, the number one rule is to speak to your tax advisor first to determine if real estate investment works in your financial picture. Interest and expenses that are tax deductible can be limited by your annual income, and the amount that can be written off, which will affect your return on investment.

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Visualize a Best Buy

In today's market, competition drives price, and the less competition for a particular property, the more likely you will be able to make an offer that is accepted. However, you need to understand the reasons why there is less activity on a particular property.

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Can I Simplify My Home Purchase?

Want to understand more about buying real estate? Want a less stressful experience while buying a home? Tired of feeling like all you see are the "left-over" properties? Want better Service?

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SOLD! How to Make an Offer that will be Accepted

There is no crystal ball, however there are a few pointers that may give you an edge, especially in the multiple offer situations we’ve seen recently. While it is fairly natural, as Buyers, most of us focus on what we want to offer, rather than considering what the Seller is trying to accomplish by Selling. A Seller is far more likely to be amenable to the Buyer’s price, if the offer includes the as many items (as the Buyer is able to offer) that fit into the Seller’s plans.

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