La Honda

The redwood trees are deep and remote, with trackless acres to wander in, streams to follow, and wild creatures to watch. Above the level of the trees, a series of bare, round hills run all the way to the Pacific ocean. This is La Honda, a place they say, people feel in their bones.

It is amazing that such a town still exists, yet it is only 20 miles from the Peninsula, and 50 miless from San Francisco. The town is not isolated, but its residents will tell you, it is separate.

Temperatures are mild and our coastside valleys are rich. Roadside stands sell locally grown artichokes, greens, root vegetables, beans, and herbs. Fresh seafood is available everywhere in local restaurants.

Residents of our communities live a lifestyle that many think is no longer available in California. Our neighbors care about each other, schools are important, and there is a real sense of community here in La Honda.

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