At the turn of the century, San Francisco magazine publisher Herr Wagner envisioned Montara as an artist's colony. His dream was to establish a community for artists, writers, poets, and musicians.

When the railroad folded in 1922, the artist's colony withered. During prohibition Montara's beaches served, instead, as a popular landing for bootleggers.

With the end of prohibition, the small community once again became home to the artists, writers, photographers, and musicians who stil find inspiration on the sand swept beaches of Montara.

Montara homes for sale come in many varieties.

For a small town, you may be surprised to find Montara homes for sale in many different kinds of location settings and styles, including neighborhood homes, ranches, and ocean front. While most of the Montara homes feature more rural neighborhood settings on paved Streets without sidewalks or curbs, you can find a few homes with sidewalks, bordering paved streets, and some on unpaved roads or streets. There are no Montara homes in uniform neighborhood developments.

Montara homes are part of a community that has been built, a home or two at a time, over the past 100 years. There are homes that come with acreage, or parcels larger than the standard size lot of 50 feet by 100 feet; even this land varies from usable for growing crops or gardens, and/or keeping livestock, to land that's steeper, less usable land, but land that creates peace and privacy for its owner.

There are Montara homes for sale that sit in quiet modest neighborhoods. Even our exclusive, luxury Montara homes range from for sale with acreage, to ocean front. While generally the prices go up for ocean front, ocean access, and ocean views, you can still find Montara homes at modest prices near enough to see or walk to the ocean.

While all Montara homes are within 30 minutes of San Francisco and the Peninsula, they offer a range of locations. Montara homes can be located "close in," to the post office and schools, or can be more remotely located away from the central activities and feature privacy and quiet. Montara homes come in all states of repair, from turn-key condition, ready to move into, to those that just need cosmetic care such as paint and carpet, to those that need new kitchen, bath or windows, or require complete or major structural remodeling and repair. Montara homes offer something for everyone in price ranges $400,000s to over $3,000,000.

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