Moss Beach

Moss Beach is home to Fitzgerald Marine Reserve, one of the best places in California to walk on the rocks at minus tide and explore the evolution of marine life. After a day exploring the reserve, you can stop and overlook the ocean at the famous Moss Beach Distillery Restaurant. The area has a rich history of rum runners, speakeasies, and the Blue Lady ghost.

Residents claim Cypress trees, mountain, and white water views as their own. Popular activities here include mountain biking, hiking, horseback riding, surfing, fishing, beachcombing, and boating. Many who buy Moss Beach homes commute to California's Silicon Valley or San Francisco.

Temperatures are mild and our coastside valleys are rich. Roadside stands sell locally grown artichokes, greens, root vegetables, beans, and herbs. Fresh seafood is available everywhere in local restaurants.

Residents of our communities live a lifestyle that many think is no longer available in California. Our neighbors care about each other, schools are important, and there is a real sense of community here in Moss Beach.

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