San Gregorio

While still near Peninsula destinations, San Gregorio is far from city congestion. The area is composed primarily of ranches and agricultural farms. Home to spectacuar beaches and vast open spaces, San Gregorio maintains a sense of times long past.

Outdoor activities include hiking, bicycling, horseback riding, surfing, boating, fishing, beachcombing, and exploring the numerous state and county parks and redwood groves. Nearby Ano Nuevo State Beach is a breeding site for elephant seals, where guided tours are available throughout the breeding season.

The temperatures are mild and our coastside valleys are rich. Roadside stands sell locally grown artichokes, greens, root vegetables, beans, and herbs. Fresh seafood is available everywhere in local restaurants.

Residents of our communities live a lifestyle that many think is no longer available in California. Our neighbors care about each other, schools are important, and there is a real sense of community here in San Gregorio.

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