General Housing Costs

From pricing to location, a wide variety of choices are available when choosing a place to live on the Coastside. From oceanfront and mountain views, to ranch properties, to traditional neighborhoods, townhomes or a home on a little land, to remote country settings, there's something for everyone's taste and budget.

You can purchase a 3-bedroom, 2-bath home in the neighborhoods of these communities from the lower $800,000s to the high $2,000,000s. You are likely to receive more amenities, view, space, or newer construction as you move upward in this range.

During the past few years, there were also home sales outside this range. A few sales were under $800,000, as well as sales that exceeded two million dollars. There is a demand for the low end, and these properties usually sell quickly, even though they are remote, smaller, in need of structural repairs, or all three.

The upper-end is also in demand, as it includes rare and unusual properties that offer a high value with their higher price. This includes property with larger parcels, ranches, spectacular views, oceanfront, or gated communities.

The services and governing bodies vary greatly and overlap from community to community between city, county, and state agencies. Some communities are actually incorporated as cities or towns, others are county, unincorporated designated postal areas. There are over 35 neighborhoods in our Coastside area.

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